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The 7 Stages of The First Time Home Buyer’s Emotional Roller Coaster


You’ve realized that you have enough of a down payment, you’ve spoken with your partner, and you’ve decided you’re ready. You get your pre-approval, you contact a Realtor, and you start seeing houses. It’s so much fun! Yay!

Disappointment You didn’t realize it was going to be so hard to find a house in your price range with everything on your list, and now you realize you might not get to be as picky as you want. You guess you could deal with removing wallpaper and repainting. You’ve never painted a wall before, but how hard can it be? Your new mantra is and must be “Aesthetics can be changed, bones cannot.”

Disa…. Oh wait… I already said that. Well, yeah, probably more of that. You finally found the house! It’s the one! The one you’ve been dreaming about! (Well, maybe not the one you’ve been dreaming about, but in this market it’ll do!). You put in an offer. You spend the entire day trying to think of anything else. Finally the time comes: offer time. You sit in suspense with your partner, waiting for the phone to ring. It does! Oh. Just the Realtor telling you how many people you’re competing against… Wow, fifteen other offers. Great. Hope our letter was good enough. Phone rings again hours later. It wasn’t you. You didn’t win. Your Realtor sounds like they might be crying with you?


Okay, twenty houses and seven offers later. You almost forget you’d even told your Realtor to draft an offer for this one… Oh, wait, we got it? We really got it!? Woohoooo! Patience is a virtue. Team work really does make the dream work.

Anxiety and maybe Buyer’s Remorse Oh man. What did you do? Was that the right house? Are you sure you chose right? You could have kept looking. All the houses started to look the same: grey walls, white kitchens, hardwood floors… What house did you even put an offer on? How are you going to pack up all your stuff and put it in a truck and get it to the new house? Your new house?! Oh my god! You bought a house!

Stress How can there be so many places and people who have your address? And you have to individually let them all know? Why can’t you pay someone else to do this? You have to pack, and make sure the mortgage goes through, and make sure that you have a moving truck hired, and make sure you get enough boxes, and get home insurance and… You’re probably forgetting something. Call your Realtor!

Relief Sitting on the couch in your new home, boxes piled up all around, pizza box on the table, beers cracked, everyone has left to give you space in your new home. The TV is there, but wifi isn’t set up yet, because who thought of changing over the internet among all those other things? That’ll be on the to-do list for tomorrow. But for now, relief. You made it. You’re homeowners! And you can paint the walls whatever colour you want.

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